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Texas Child Care Quarterly ceased publication on August 31st 2020. Website content is no longer updated but is available as an archive for your use.

Your questions—with answers

What is Texas Child Care Quarterly?
Since 1977 the state of Texas has made Texas Child Care Quarterly available to child care providers and other early childhood education professionals. Its mission is to improve the quality of early care and education practices by building the skills of the adults who support children’s growth and learning.

Through the Summer 2011 issue, the journal was printed and mailed free to all regulated child care facilities in Texas. The journal was also available by paid subscription to others in Texas, the United States, Canada, and Europe. Beginning with the Fall 2011 issue (Vol. 35, No. 2), the journal became available only as an online publication, free to everyone.

Effective August 31st 2020, Texas Child Care Quarterly ceased publication. Archived material continues to be available on this site.

Who managed and published Texas Child Care Quarterly?
The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), the lead agency charged with managing the Child Care Development Block Grant child care subsidy program, contracted with the Langham-Parks Partnership for the editorial and graphic development, management, production, and publication of the journal. Using federal funds, TWC works through local Workforce Development Boards to make child care available and to improve the quality of the care children receive.

Other state agencies, notably the Texas Department of State Health Services and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission cooperate in preparing the content of the journal.

Author opinions did not necessarily reflect the position or policy of TWC or imply endorsement. Differences of opinion were welcome. Prior to a publication decision, articles were reviewed by early childhood professionals, including blind review by members of an Editorial Review Committee, for content, writing style, and appropriateness. Authors were responsible for accuracy of all statements and references.