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Texas Child Care Quarterly ceased publication on August 31st 2020. Website content is no longer updated but is available as an archive for your use.

Summer 2020
Volume 44, No. 1


Building better networking skills: The early lessons of COVID-19 for early care and education programs

by Lisa Taylor Cook and Erika Aziegbe
March and April 2020 were months to never forget. > Read

Helping children deal with stress: Relaxation techniques that work for everyone

by Louise Parks
Stress can powerfully influence behavior. Some stress can be useful... > Read

Easy art recipes for every classroom—and family

Teachers are inclined to thrift, using repurposed materials, scavenging unusual and energizing tools, and relying on kitchen alchemy to mix paint, clay, and doughs for children to explore and manipulate. The following recipes include both cooked and non-cooked materials. > Read

Learning centers: Best use of space in preschool classrooms

What’s the best use of space in an early childhood program? Most experienced teachers will agree that it’s learning centers. These divisions of a classroom into different interest areas, such as blocks, art, and dramatic play, give children choices in their learning through play. > Read

Supporting play—and learning—throughout early childhood

by Louise Parks
Tools for learning—the equipment, materials, and interactions we offer children—invite exploration, discovery, cooperation, manipulation, experimentation, mastery, imitation, and role-playing. > Read

Questions all teachers—and parents—ask about guiding young children

Whenever teachers, directors, trainers, and parents get together, the conversation inevitably turns to the best ways to guide—and manage—children’s behaviors. Mastering preschool guidance techniques requires attention, practice, patience, and a deep understanding... > Read

Keep children—and adults—healthy: Prevent and curb common infections

No one likes to be sick, and no early care and education program wants to spread disease. For several months in early 2020, all health focus was on a respiratory coronavirus called COVID-19. Many programs closed or reduced services to the care of children... > Read

Health and safety: Learning that lasts a lifetime

by Barbara Langham
Ms. Henderson leads a small group of 3-year-olds to the sink to demonstrate how to wash their hands properly. They have been learning handwashing since they were toddlers... > Read