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Regulations and licensing rules

Background checks for hiring, Child Care Licensing, Spring 2018.
New free professional development tool, Child Care Licensing, Spring 2018.
Program permit renewals: Certificates, registrations, and licenses, Child Care Licensing, Winter 2017.
Supervision in child care, Child Care Licensing, Fall 2017.
It’s time…to update your policies, Child Care Licensing, Summer 2017.
Food allergies and child care, Child Care Licensing, Spring 2017.
Texas child care minimum standards, Child Care Licensing, Winter 2016.
Minimum standards review, Child Care Licensing, Fall 2016.
Training requirements—and opportunities, Child Care Licensing, Summer 2016
Water safety, Child Care Licensing, Summer 2016
Rewarding, but risky, business, Child Care Licensing, Spring 2016.
Balancing classroom technology with supervision, Child Care Licensing, Winter 2015
Preventing tragedy during meal times, Child Care Licensing, Fall 2015
Use of restrictive equipment, Child Care Licensing, Summer 2015.
Field trips: Ensuring the safety of children, Child Care Licensing, Spring 2015.
Baby it’s cold outside, Child Care Licensing, Winter 2014.
Supporting breastfeeding mothers and infants, Child Care Licensing, Summer 2014.
April is Water Safety Month in Texas, Child Care Licensing, Spring 2014.
Electronic child safety alarm requirements, Child Care Licensing, Spring 2014.
Plan for children’s outdoor play in winter, Child Care Licensing, Winter 2013.
Support initiative to help stop illegally operating providers, Child Care Licensing, Winter 2013.
Giving feedback, Child Care Licensing, Fall 2013.
Prepare for emergencies, Child Care Licensing, Summer 2013.
New law requires information about the controlling person, Child Care Licensing, Winter 2012.
New rules on health checks, Child Care Licensing, Winter 2012.
Kitchens: Clean and green? Fall 2012.
Summer safety, Child Care Licensing, Summer 2012.
Revised standards encourage healthy habits: Preventing obesity, Child Care Licensing, Winter 2011.
New crib safety regulations, Fall 2011, Child Care Licensing.
Texas licensing rules change, Fall 2011, Child Care Licensing.
Take action to prevent fires, Summer 2011, Child Care Licensing, page 22.
Minimum Standard revision, Spring 2011, page 22.
Quality and best practices, Winter 2010, page 22.
Technical Assistance Library, Winter 2010, page 22.
Expanding opportunities in Texas (Inclusive child care), Fall 2010, page 22.
What’s new in child care licensing for 2010, Summer 2010, page 22.
Check product safety, Spring 2010, page 22.
Outdoor play in winter weather, Winter 2009, page 22.
Prepare for emergencies, Fall 2009, page 12.
Are you ready for storm season?, Summer 2009, page 22.
Supervise children in water play, Summer 2009, page 22.
Teach water safety, Summer 2009, page 22.
Preparing for summer, Spring 2009, page 22.
Review of the Minimum Standards, Spring 2009, page 22.
Technology updated, Winter 2008, page 22.
Weighted standards, Winter 2008, page 22.
A change to weighted standards, Fall 2008, page 22.
Lead poisoning prevention, Fall 2008, page 22.
Summer safety tips, Summer 2008, page 22.
Final phase of FBI fingerprint checks begins, Spring 2008, page 22.
Portable computers can help licensing staff protect children, Spring 2008, page 22.
DFPS needs volunteers, Spring 2008, page 22.
Licensing visits, Winter 2007, page 22.
Inform parents about flu vaccine, Fall 2007, page 22.
New law requires FBI fingerprint checks, Fall 2007, page 22.
Get information about ADA, Summer 2007, page 22.
"We can do better" (national ranking), Summer 2007, page 22.
Install car safety seats properly, Spring 2007, page 22.
New study links SIDS to brain abnormality, Winter 2006, page 22.
Plan outdoor play in chilly weather, Winter 2006, page 22.
Don't be in the dark campaign, Fall 2006, page 22.
Registered versus listed homes, Fall 2006, page 22.
"Look Before You Leave" campaign, Summer 2006, page 22.
"See and Save" campaign, Summer 2006, page 22.
Texas sees growth in unregulated care, Spring 2006, page 22.
Prepare for emergencies, Winter 2005, page 22.
Rule changes, Fall 2005, page 22.
"Look Before You Leave," Summer 2005, page 22.
Online background checks, Summer 2005, page 22.
Spring is here: time to spruce up, Spring 2005, page 22.
Caring for infants, Summer 2004, page 22.
"Look Before You Leave" campaign, Summer 2004, page 22.
Agency name change, Spring 2004, page 22.
"Look Before You Leave" media campaign, Spring 2004, page 22.
Plan for summer, Spring 2004, page 22.
Definition of "school-age" children, Winter 2003, page 22.
Minimum standards rules training, Winter 2003, page 22.
Online background checks, Winter 2003, page 22.
Staff training, Fall 2003, page 22.
Minimum standards revision, Summer 2003, page 20.
Standardized food rates can reduce record-keeping, Spring 2003, page 22.
Training on new rules to come in summer, Spring 2003, page 22.
Adoption of minimum standards postponed, Winter 2002, page 22.
Child care licensing form updated, Winter 2002, page 22.
Finding information and help in Texas, Winter 2002, page 22.
CD-ROM in the mail, Fall 2002, page 22.
Comment on minimum standards, Fall 2002, page 22.
Whatever the temperature-play outdoors, Summer 2002, page 22.
Approvals need not be renewed, Spring 2002, page 22.
Changes in background checks, Spring 2002, page 22.
More crimes added to barred list, Spring 2002, page 22.
New training requirements, Winter 2001, page 22.
Post new PRS sign, Winter 2001, page 22.
Seat belt safety, Winter 2001, page 22.
Watch for upcoming survey, Winter 2001, page 22.
Child care search tool expands, Fall 2001, page 22.
Use playground surfacing for equipment used indoors, Fall 2001, page 22.
Check cribs for safety, Summer 2001, page 22.
Are you meeting minimum standards?, Spring 2001, page 22.
Many factors affect rules enforcement, Winter 2000, page 22.
Keeping up with changes in standards, Fall 2000, page 22.
Licensing visits, Summer 2000, page 22.
New training requirements, Spring 2000, page 22.
Child care licensing: A preventive program, Winter 1999, page 22.
Abuse and neglect referrals, Fall 1999, page 22.
Licensing and child safety, Fall 1999, page 22.
Planning for emergencies, Fall 1999, page 22.
Preparing for Y2K, Fall 1999, page 22.
New trampoline on the market-beware, Summer 1999, page 22.
Director qualifications, Spring 1999, page 21.
Waivers and variances, Winter 1998, page 10.
Helping parents understand the outdoor play standard, Fall 1998, page 5.
Questions and answers about listed child care, Summer 1998, page 37.
New child-staff ratios and group sizes, Spring 1998, page 31.
Regulatory alert, Spring 1998, page 31.